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PLUM Benefits helps you recruit and retain your talent by providing access to products, services, and experiences they need and love.
Your account manager* is your go-to resource for support and boosting engagement. Your employees have access to Customer Care, open 365.
Delight in our wide range of options for every interest. From everyday necessities to big ticket purchases, there’s something for everyone.
Enjoy a completely cost-free program for you and your full- and part-time employees, contractors, volunteers, and interns.
Discover our easy-to-use solution, which can be customized with your company branding, implemented, and rolled out in no time.

Recruit and retain talent by providing convenient access to savings on all products, services, and experiences your employees need and love. Electronics, Appliances, Apparel, Cars, Flowers, Fitness Memberships, Gift Cards, Groceries, Hotels, Movie Tickets, Rental Cars, Special Events, Theme Parks, And More!

We provide more than 40K corporations with access to an employee savings platform reaching over 50 million employees.
We are not only the largest perks program in the country, but we also have successfully worked with over 70% of the nation’s top employers to help expand their health and wellness programs.

How do you recruit, retain, and re-energize employees when human resources budgets are being cut? One of the most effective ways to attract and retain employees is to invest in their wellbeing in both work and life.

By reducing the financial burden, your talent can maximize their time away from the office. Enjoyable experiences, financial stability, and work-life balance are all influential to an employee's well-being.

Our complete solution includes seamless and easy implementation, simple administration, usage and engagement reporting, and helps you to boost morale in a budget-friendly way.

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*Requirements for managed account thresholds may apply.